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Coal Mines of Clearfield Co., PA MAIN INDEX

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Coal Miners Memorial
Troy Mine,
Troy No. 2 Mine,
Troy No. 3 Mine,

near Brisbin,
Clearfield County,
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

A Memorial to the Coal Miners that mined the Bituminous Coal seams of the Troy Mines, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Compiled & Edited by
Raymond A. Washlaski

Raymond A. Washlaski, Historian, Editor,
Ryan P. Washlaski, Technical Editor,

Updated April 18, 2010

A Memorial to the Coal Miners that Worked the
Troy Mines

Following is a partial list of the miners, mine employees and company store employees that worked the Troy Mines, near Brisbin, Clearfield Co., PA.   The coal miners names have been researched and complied from various sources by Raymond A. Washlaski, Historian: newspaper obits, newspaper articles, Pennsylvania Bureau of Mines Reports, township histories, and names of coal miners submitted by various people, etc..
The Nationalities listed for various miners, are taken directly from "Report of the Department of Mines of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA" as reported for the various years.  Those listed as American, could be either native born or naturalized citizens.
Can you add additional Coal Miner's names to this Coal Miners Memorial Honor Roll?     e-mail   "The Old Miner" Editor
Since 1870, Pennsylvania's Annual Report on Mining Activities has recorded 51,483 deaths from mining accidents-- 31,113 deaths in anthracite mines and 20,370 deaths in bituminous mines.

Your help is needed to preserve our coal mining heritage.
Please donate any mine records, mine maps or copies of them, pictures of the mines, pictures of miners, stories about the miners, mine memorabilia, books on mining, or tax deductable monetary donations to:
The Coal & Coke Heritage Center,
Penn State University Fayette Campus,
PA Rt. 119, P.O. Box 519, Uniontown, PA 15401

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Barnes, John
(General Superintendent, ca.1917, Atherton & Barnes Company, Philipsburg, PA, Troy No. 2 Mine & Troy No. 3 Mine, near Philipsburg, PA.)
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[ M ]
[ N ]
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[ P ]
Peters, A. W.
(Superintendent, ca.1917, of the Troy No. 2 & No. 3 Mines, Philipsburg, Clearfield Co., PA, for Atherton & Barnes Company, Philipsburg, PA.)
Peters, William
(General Superintendent, ca.1912, Atherton & Barnes Company, Philipsburg, PA, Troy Mine, Clearfield Co., PA.)
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[ W ]
Walker, E. J.
(General Superintendent, ca.1906, E. J. Walker Company, Brisbin, PA, Troy Mine, Clearfield Co., PA.);
(Superintendent, ca.1906, of the Troy Mine, Clearfield Co., PA, for E. J. Walker Company, Brisbin, PA.)
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