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Coal Miners Memorial Gallatin Mine, Forward Twp., Gallatin, Allegheny Co., PA

Coal Mines of Allegheny Co., PA MAIN INDEX

Gallatin Mine,
Sunnyside / Gallatin,
Forward Twp.,
Allegheny County,
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

A Tribute to the Coal Miners that mined the Bituminous Coal seams of the Gallatin Mine, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Compiled & Edited by
Raymond A. Washlaski

Raymond A. Washlaski, Historian, Editor,
Ryan P. Washlaski, Technical Editor,

Updated Sept. 13, 2010

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Gallatin Mine (ca.1904-ca.1929),
Located on the Monongahela Division of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad, Gallatin / Sunny Side, Forward Twp., Allegheny Co., PA
Owners:   (ca.1898-  ?  ), Ivill Coal Company, Manown, PA
                (ca.1904-  ?  ),  ?
                (ca.1905-  ?  ), Monongahela River Consolidated Coal & Coke Company, Pittsburgh, PA
                (ca.1906-  ?  ), Monongahela River Consolidated Coal & Coke Company, Pittsburgh, PA
                (ca.1907-  ?  ), Monongahela River Consolidated Coal & Coke Company, Pittsburgh, PA
                (ca.1916-  ?  ), Pittsburgh Coal Company, Pittsburgh, PA
                (ca.1919-  ?  ), Pittsburgh Coal Company, Pittsburgh, PA
                (ca.1929-  ?  ), Pittsburgh Coal Company, Pittsburgh, PA

Gallatin Mine Reopens with Non-Union Men
Following their policy of operating on a non-union basis the Gallatin Mine of the Pittsburgh Coal Company, between Manown and East Monongahela on the east side of the river, announced the resumption of the mine today after two tears of idleness.  The mine will employ 400 men.  Two crews of cleanup men were at work today getting the extensive diggings in readiness for a long run.
[from "The Charleroi Mail," Charleroi, PA, Nov. 5, 1926.]

Gallatin Workings Opened Through to Warden,
Results in Closing the Valley Diggings

"Several" Reasons for Present Step

Gallatin Mine of the Pittsburgh Coal Company was closed yesterday and the abandonment of the diggings may resuilt.

Gallatin coal is being taken out on the Youghiogheny River and has been for some time.

Warden Mine, at Douglas, was recently cut thru to the Gallatin workings, and since that time practically all this coal has been removed through the Warden Shaft.

Supt. William Diemond, of Warden Mine, today said that "There are several reasons." for this.  The Pittsburgh Coal Company has its new cleaning and preparation plant on the Yough river near Warden Mine.  This is a primary reason for sending Gallatin coal through to the Sutersville terminal.

Other reasons were not given by mine officials.

Several reasons are said to be obvious.

During the coal strike, a number of union miners' petitions were passed about in Gallatin and the district most of these denouning non-union operations.  Observers, with an insight in the coal business, say that this is one reflection in coal companies condemned unfairly during the strike, removing their center of operations from points were agitation was stirred against them during the strike.

One very important point, concerning the Gallatin Mine closing, is the puzzled situation which it presents, in that both river and rail shipping accommodations are offered from Gallatin Mine, while the Warden terminal provides only one railroad.

It has been noted that all Pittsburgh Coal Co. operations in the valley district have been far below normal, while other districts report satisfactory schedules.

Pittsburgh, PA April 17.

The unfavorable coal market existing now may result in the closing temporarily of the Gallatin Mine of the Pittsburgh Coal Company, it was learned from the production department of the company here today.  Gallatin Mine is located across the river from Monongahela, PA.

Although operations at the Gallatin Mine were continuing today, the production department refused to state how much longer it would remain active.

"If the mine should be closed, it will not be abandoned,: one official of the company said.  It also was said by this official that the company had no intention of leaving the Black Diamond Mine, also located at Monongahela, remain idle longer than necessary.

It will be some time, however before the Black Diamond Mine is reopened.  The coal market was one of the reasons advanced as to why no definite date had been set for the resumption of operations.  Another, hinging on the first, was that until the demand for coal would warrant, the tipple, burned several weeks ago, would bot be repaired.

"There is coal in both those mines," the official continued, "which must be gotten out, when the time is ripe.
[from "The Charleroi Mail," Charleroi, PA, April 17, 1929.]

Clean Up Debris at Gallatin Mine
The Pittsburgh Coal Company is making a clean job of cleaning up about the site of the old Gallatin Mine tipple, the the wrecking crew is still on the job.  A lot of refuse which always accumulates about a coal mine, is now being gathered together and set on fire, thus disposing of this feature in a most effectual manner.  When the work is all completed Gallatin will be as clean as the proverbial hound's tooth, but the community will be a very quiet one.
[from "The Charleroi Mail," Charleroi, PA, June 14, 1929.]

"Coal Miners Memorial, Gallatin Mine,
Gallatin / Sunnyside, Forward Twp., Allegheny County, Pennsylvania"

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